Air America First Officer Wing (ICCS)

Washington, DC and Udorn, Thailand. 1973-1975.

This is a reproduction wing used for identification only and according to photos seen, it is an exact replica of the used wing.

ICCS stands for International Commission for Control and Surveillance. The (ICCS) was in charge of administering, implementing and reporting violations of the Peace Accords at the end of the Vietnam war. The ICCS turned to Air America to provide aircraft and crew because of its unique knowledge of the countryside. Air America (AAM) formed a division, ICCS Air Services. To differentiate the airline from its parent, the AAM markings were removed from aircraft "loaned" to ICCS Air Services, Inc. Vertical yellow stripes were painted across the fuselage and wing surfaces and a large ICCS was painted on the rudder. AAM flight crew flying for ICCS wore their standard AAM uniform of an "issue" light grey shirt and tailor-made grey pants. Their wings consisted were almost identical to the Southern Air Transport wings of the same period. ICCS Air Services remained flying in Vietnam until the actual end of the Vietnam War in April of 1975.


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