Air South Airlines Pilot Hat Badge 2nd Issue
This badge is a gold wing and a gold metal center

Colombia, SC 1994-1997

There were at least four airlines that used the name "Air South Airlines". This Air South began service on August 23, 1994 initially serving the Southeastern United States as far south as Miami and as far north as Baltimore. The airline used Boeing 737-200 aircraft initially using a low cost strategy. Later, new management canceled this low cost strategy, and chose instead to serve high cost markets and to compete with the major airlines. This was a financial disaster. After a promising start, the focus on longer haul travel to major cities in the Mid West and Northeast resulted in many flight delays and cancellations. The airline's experiment of seeking debt financing from the state and local governments was strongly criticized by a very negative local press. This drumbeat of negative news in turn heavily impacted local confidence in using its service. Air South filed for Chapter 11 on August 28, 1997 and ceased operations that same day. Chapter 7 was filed on September 11, 1997.


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