American International Airways Flight Attendant Wing

Ypsilanti, MI 1991-1999

There were at least three different airlines with the name American International Airways. In 1967, Conrad "Connie" Kalita formed an air taxi service and started charter work under the name Connie Kaleta Services. In 1983 Kalita bought Jetway, a part 121 operator. In 1991 Connie Kalita acquired the certificate of defunt American International Airways and adopted that name for its large aircraft operation. The smaller aircraft were flown under the name Kalitta Flying Service. AIA operated for companies such as Burlington Air Express, Emery Worldwide and several foreign carriers. In September 1997 the Kitty Hawk Group acquired AIA and transfered the DC-9s and B-727s to Kitty Hawk Cargo while the larger aircraft remained with AIA and the company was renamed Kitty Hawk International. Business turned down and all flying was suspended on May 1, 2000 although Kitty Hawk Cargo continued to fly. The B-747s was sold back to Connie Kalita who resumed cargo service as Kalitta Air.



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