Brockway Air Pilot Hat Badge

Burlington, VT 1984-1989

During 1984 the Brockway Glass Co. of Brockway, Pennsylvania expanded its aviation holdings and engineered a dual acquisition of Air North and Clinton Aero. Brockway Glass was also the owner of Crown Airways. The combination of Air North and Clinton Aero took place on October 1, 1984 and the new airline began operations as Brockway Air. Brockway Air joined the Piedmont Commuter network in the spring of 1986. The affiliation with Piedmont Airlines was to last for three years. In early 1987, Piedmont accepted a purchase offer from US Air and Piedmont became fully integrated into US Air during August 1989. Brockway Air was placed up for sale. Metro Air purchased Brockway Air in the summer of 1989 and changed Brockway's name to Metro Air Northeast.


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