Capital Airlines Ground Staff Hat Badge

Washington D.C. 1948-1961

In April, 1927, the Clifford Ball Airline began operating between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Ohio but scheduled passenger service did not begin until April 28, 1928. Mr. Ball sold his interests in November 1930 and the airline became Pennsylvania Air Lines. It was reorganized as Pennsylvania Airlines after the Air Mail Scandal of the early 1930s. Central Airlines, became PAL's main competitor after its founding in 1934. The two companies merged to form Pennsylvania Central Airlines, or PCA, on November 1, 1936. In 1941 PCA moved its headquarters to Washington National Airport. The airline adopted the slogan "The Capital Airline. In April 21, 1948 the airline adopted a new insignia, colors and name: Capital Airlines. In the late 1950s the airline began to struggle financially. On July 28, 1960, it announced a merger with Chicago-based rival United Airlines. When completed on June 1, 1961, it was the largest airline merger in history. In 1981, a retired United Airlines pilot bought the Capital trademark and operated a charter business under the Capital name out of Waterbury-Oxford Airport in Connecticut.


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