Central Airlines Flght Attendant Hat Badge (1 1/2") 1st Issue
Usage 1949-1965

Meacham Field, Ft. Worth, TX 1949-1967

Central Airlines started in 1944 as a charter and FBO in Omaha, NE and then moved to Ft. Worth, TX in 1949 and started passenger service. Central Airlines was a regional airline originally provided service in Texas and Oklahoma. Due to financing difficulties, the airline did not begin scheduled air service until September 15, 1949, just before its original certification expired. When the airline merged into Frontier Airlines in October, 1967, service had been extended to 40 cities in Colordo, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, in addition to Texas and Oklahoma.

There were at least two airlines named Central Airlines. A different one merged with Pennsylvania Airlines to become Pennsylvia Central Airlines.


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