Comair Airlines First Officer Wing 3rd Issue

Cincinnati, OH & Orlando, FL 1977-2012

The airline was established in March 1977 and started operations in April 1977. Under its parent Comair Holdings, it became a public company in July 1981. It became a Delta Connection carrier in 1984. In July 1986 Delta Air Lines acquired 20% of Comair stock. Delta Air Lines acquired full ownership on October 22, 1999. Comair's parent company Delta Air Lines, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on September 14, 2005, forcing Comair into bankruptcy along with it. In July 2012, Delta announced that it would be shutting down Comair. The last Comair flight flew from Jacksonville Internationtal Airport to Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport on 29 September 2012, ending more than three decades of operation.


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