Emery Worldwide Airlines Captain Wing 2nd Issue

Redwood City, CA  1946-2001

Emery Air Freight was founded as a freight forwarder working in partnership with scheduled airlines. Emery  acquires Purolater Courier in 1989. Emery then merged with Consolidated Freightways and re-named Emery Worldwide Airlines. Emery Worldwide was a cargo airline. Emery started in 1946 and was the first freight forwarder to receive a carrier certificate from the United States Government. For 40 years, Emery was the largest freight forwarder/integrated air carrier in the US. Emery had its planes grounded on August 13, 2001 due to poor aircraft fleet maintenance. It officially ceased operating on December 5, 2001 and had no plan to resume operations. All of Emery's cargo operations have been subcontracted to other airlines. Emery's successor company, Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, was acquired by UPS at the end of 2004.


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