Express One International Pilot Hat Badge

Irving, TX 1983 - 2002
Orlando, FL 2002 - Current

Started as Jet East International Airlines which began operations in 1975 as an air taxi operator. In 1983, Jet East acquired some B-727 aircraft and did contract work for several of the larger freight companies. The name Express One International was adapted in 1983. The company expanded to passenger as well as maintaining their freight business. The airline was grounded by the FAA in for about 6 months in 1995. The FAA removed the grounding of their freight operation and they started flying immediately. In 1996, passenger operations was resumed. Losses in 2001 caused the airline to declare bankruptcy and operations ceased on July 29, 2002. In 2002 a group of investors purchased the assets and name and move the operations to Orlando. In July 2004 the airline acquired Central Florida Air Maintenance.


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