General Dynamics Corporation Hat Badge Type II

West Falls Church, VA/St. Louis, MO

General Dynamics Corporation is an American aerospace and defense company formed by mergers and divestitures. During the early 1960s the company bid on the USAF TFX (Tactical Fighter, eXperimental) project for a new low-level "penetrator". In order to bid on a naval version successfully, GD partnered with Grumman, who would build a customized version for aircraft carrier duties. The GD/Grumman team finally won the contract over a Boeing submission. The F-111 first flew in December 1964. The board decided to build all future planes in Fort Worth, ending plane production at San Diego (Convair's original plant), but continuing with space and missile development there. The company headquarters move to St. Louis, MO in February 1971. The F-16 entered production in January 1975 and over 4000 were sold world wide.

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