Independent Air Pilot Wing

Atlanta, GA 1966-1990

Independent Air originated with the Atlanta Skylarks Travel Club, and it operated flights for this club beginning in July 1966. In 1984 the company name changed to Independent Air. From 1966 until 1984 Atlanta Skylarks was restricted to flights for the Atlanta Skylarks Travel Club. Atlanta Skylarks Travel Club arranged trips to many destinations including Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. After the name change to Independent Air, the company was granted a license for worldwide charters. In 1988 and 1989 the company flew charters between Florida and Jamaica, also dubbed the "Jamaica Shuttle". During the crash of Independent Air 1851, the company was operating flights between Boston and Ponta Delgada, Fort Lauderdale and Montego Bay, Denver and Montego Bay and Milan/Bergamo and Santo Domingo/Montego Bay. Following the crash of one of the flights to Italy, the Italian government banned low-cost carriers such as Independent Air from its skies. The company also flew charters for the US military but the contract was terminated in 1988 .Independent Air ceased operations in 1990.

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