Jet Fleet Corporation Flight Attendant Wing

Dallas, TX 1969-1992

Jet Fleet was an independent Part 121 Airline which was the last spin-off remains of what was once LTV's (Ling-Temco-Vought) in house Part 135 corporate travel department. Jet Fleet operated several corporate charter jets such as a Falcon 20 when around 1989 they placed a privately owned BAC 1-11 400 on their supplemental Part 121 AOC to manage and put to work doing charters for tour operators into Mexico. Jet Lift, a management and charter company, had Jet Fleet lease a B737-200 which was used in the cruise line industry flying cruise passengers. Both aircraft were based in Sanford, FL. The two aircraft were kept busy flying however due to mismanagement by Jet Fleet, they didn't pay their bills and were forced to shut down. Jet Lift took the cruise line and Club Med contracts to another carrier at that point in time to operate the flights along with sundry subservice programs Jet Lift had going.

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