Johnson Wax Corporation Pilot Wing 2nd Issue

Racine, Wisconsin

The company began when Samuel Curtis Johnson, Sr. started the company in 1886 and named it Johnson's Prepared Paste Wax Company. Management has since passed down through five generations of the Johnson family; the longevity of this dynasty is itself unusual. In 1929 the company bought its first airplane, a new Waco ATO Taperwing. Since then, the company has owned a variety of aircraft. It is believed that SC Johnson's has the oldest surviving corporate aviation department in the United States. With the exception of the 2-man crew that operated the original S-38 in 1935, uniform wings were not worn by flight crews until 1995. In 1998, the wing design was changed to an American Airline Balfour design for the gold wings, while the center logo is a silver Sikorsky S-38 and a gold carnauba palm leaf. The S-38 represents the significant contribution of aircraft use for the company, and the palm leaf represents the source of the familiar wax that was the founding success of the company. After 10 years seniority, a crewmember receives an upgraded wing that is gold-filled with a sterling silver S-38 and a ruby. With 20 years of service, a crewmember receives a wing with a diamond.

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