Kitty Hawk Airlines Pilot Wing

Dallas-Ft. Worth IAP, Dallas, TX 1976-2008

There was a Kitty Hawk Airways, Kitty Hawk Airlines and a Kitty Hawk Air Cargo. Because of this, there are differences between the history of Kitty Hawk between several internet sites and books on the subject.

There was a Kitty Hawk Airways that operated from February, 1978 to October 1978 and they were a passanger airline out of Dallas Love Field, TX and flew between Texarkana and Dallas. The most likely presentation is that the Kitty Hawk Group acquired American International (AIA) (see) in September 1997. The DC-9s and the B-727s were transfered to Kitty Hawk Cargo while the larger aircraft remained with AIA and AIA was renamed Kitty Hawk International. Due to heavy losses the operation suspended all flying on May 1, 2000 although Kitty Hawk Cargo continued to fly. At that time, Kitty Hawk sold assets related to the B-747 operation back to Connie Kalitta who resumed B-747 services as Kalitta Air. Kitty Hawk, Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 1, 2000 and emerged from that on August 31, 2002. On October 15, 2007, Kitty Hawk again filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy but it continued its cargo charter shipments. The airline flew its last revenue flight on January 8, 2008.




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