Maddux Air Lines Pilot Wing

From the collection of D. Hughey

Los Angeles, CA 1927-1929

In 1927 Jack L. Maddux founded Maddux Air Lines. The airline's inaugural flight was on September 22, 1927 when Charles A. Lindbergh piloted the airline's Ford 4-AT Tri-motor. The airline's hubs were in Los Angeles and San Diego. In April, 1928 Maddux started passenger service from Los Angeles to San Francisco, CA. It competed with Western Air Express on this route. In February 1929 passenger service to Phoenix, Arizona began. Other local short-hop flights were also added. Maddux Air Lines started New York to California operations in July 1929. For six months the Maddux and TAT airplanes carried a combination logo of their two companies until TAT bought out Maddux on November 16, 1929 resulting in TAT-Maddux Air Lines, with Jack Maddux as the western head. Charles Lindbergh, who worked more with TAT than with Maddux, stayed at the Maddux's home to negotiate the merger. In 1930 TAT-Maddux merged with its former competitor Western Air Express to form Transcontinental & Western Air (T&WA), which later became TWA.




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