Miami Air International Captain Wing 1st Issue
This wing has a variety where the center logo is 1/8" smaller

The larger logo is for the jacket and the smaller logo is for the shirt

Miami, Fl 1990-Current

The airline was established in August 1990 and started operations in October 1991. By 2000, the company had grown to 8 owned B-727 aircraft and revenues in excess of $100 million. By 2005, in large due to the huge jump in military business, Miami Air's passenger business thrived and the company grew to 8 Boeing 737-800s and 2 passenger Boeing 727s . At that time one of the existing shareholders (TSI Holding Company) expressed a desire to purchase the entire company and bought out the other EGL consortium and remaining original shareholders. At the present time, Miami Air International with its B-737-800s remains an ad hoc charterer with a wide customer base. The military, sport teams, cruise lines, tour operators and incentive groups are the main customers.

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