Midstate Airlines Pilot Hat Badge 2nd Issue

Stevens Point, WI 1964-1989

The airline was founded as Marshfield Airways and operated as Midstate Air Commuter until the late 1970s. The airline originally operated a fleet of Beechcraft Model 18 aircraft, and later, four Beech 99's. In 1977 the airline switched to 19-passenger Swearingen Metroliners. In its heyday, it operated a fleet of 19 Metroliners and added six F-27s 50-passenger aircraft in 1984 (which required a flight attendant and a certificate modification under FAA part 121 rules), and flew to 15 cities in the midwest. The airline changed ownership in 1986. Its popularity and passenger load factors declined rapidly by 1987. The airline continued to cut back service, providing charter, ceasing operations in 1989.

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