Midway Airlines First Offcer Pilot Hat Badge 2nd Issue

Chicago, IL 1976-1991

Midway Airlines was the name of two different airlines. This Midway Airlines was based in Chicago, Illinois and operating out of Chicago Midway International Airport between 1976 and 1991. Operations were started in 1979 with three DC9-15 airplanes. It bought the assets of the bankrupt Air Florida in 1984 and began operating a no frills airline named Midway Express. Midway also purchased Fischer Brothers Aviation to provided feeder service as Midway Commuter. By the late 1980s, Midway owned more than 70 planes and flew to 50 airports. The expansion continued in 1989, when Midway purchased the Philadelphia operations of Eastern Airlines but this venture ended up driving the company into bankruptcy on March 6, 1991. The airline ceased operation on November 13, 1991.
A North Carolina based airline with the Midway name appeared in 1994, filed for bankruptcy in September 2001, and suspended operations in 2002.

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