Mooney Aviation Company Pilot Wing

Kerrvile, TX 1929 - Current

The Mooney Aviation Company, Inc. (MAC) (formerly the Mooney Aircraft Company) is a manufacturer of single-engined general aviation aircraft based in the United States. The company has gone bankrupt and changed ownership several times and is currently Chinese owned. Among its achievements were the first pressurized single-engined, piston-powered aircraft (M22 Mustang), production of the fastest civilian single-engined, piston-powered aircraft in the world (M20TN Acclaim Type S), the first production aircraft to achieve 201mph on 200hp (M20J 201) and the fastest transcontinental flight in a single-engined, piston-powered production aircraft (M20K 231). All Mooney aircraft have the signature vertical stabilizer with its vertical leading edge and swept trailing edge that gives the illusion of being forward-swept.



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