There were two groups who, in the 1960s era that felt that the CAB and the FAA should give more credulance to the commuter airlines. One group was called the Association of Commuter Airlines (ACA) and the other was the National Air Taxi Conference (NATC). In 1968, NATC was renamed the National Air Transportation Confernce. The two groups were intermingled in that some operators belonged to both organizations. One of their main goals was to have commuter airlines regulated by the CAB which would give them stability. In December 1968, the two groups merged and were then called the National Air Transportation Conferences (NATC). Some of the airlines involved were Henson, Ransome, Pennsylvania Commuter Airline, Suburban, Southern Jersey, Britt, Fisher Brothers, Crown and, briefly, Tennessee Airways. The original insignia authorized was the National Air Taxi design with the Kangaroo. There were two designs for NATC and they both came in a silver toned and a gold toned wings. However, there was great disparity among the airlines and some wore them and some did not. You would have to check each airline for an explanation of the insignia usage. In a December, 1963 issue of their schedule, they refer to themselves as National Air Taxi Service and there were 160 operators listed.


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