National Airlines Flight Attendant Wing Gold LAS

Las Vegas, NV 1999-2002

The former CEO of America West Airlines incorporated New Airlines in April 1995. The National Airlines name, which had been purchased from the liquidators of Pan Am, was adopted in July 1998. Initial service was between Las Vegas and Chicago. Other cities were added and by the end of 2000, the airline was operating 15 B-757s. The airline was not profitable for its first 18 months and filed for Chapter 11 on December 6, 2001. The airline filed a reorganization plan part of which was to receive $70 milion guaranteed by the US government. During 2002, the airline expanded again but recovery plans unraveled on August 12, 2002 when the government refused to back the loan. On November 6, 2002 the airline ceased operations and converted to Chapter 7 in 2003.


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