Nations Air First Officer Wing 1st Issue

Smyrna, GA 1995-1999

Nations Air Express started out in 1987 as Miami Air Charter. Nations Air Express began flying on March 6, 1995 on a Boston-Philadelphia-Pittsburgh route and added Philadelphia-Myrtle Beach service the next month. The airline soon began flying charters for Myrtle Beach Jet Express. All scheduled flying was suspended on May 20, 1996 which was soon after the Value Jet accident. The Myrtle Beach Jet Express flying was continued. In October 1998 the airline filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The airline ceased operation September 1, 1999. The DOT revoked its certificate on September 11, 2000. Editors note: Myrtle Beach Jet Express seems to get mixed up with Mobile Jet Express and it is not know which airline Nations Air Express flew for after the Value Jet accident.


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