New York Safety Airlines Pilot Wing

Garden City, NY 1929-1930.

It is believed that this is the wing of this airline. The logo appears to be a map of New York State and we looked at airlines with the name New York. There are many airlines that have New York as part of their name but New York Safety Airlines is the most logical fit. Many had wings already and others did not truly fly within New York. This airline was founded on March 8, 1929 as Tri-Motor Safety Airlines and in a short time, on June 6, 1929, was reorganized as New York Safety Airlines. The airline started flights on that day. This airline was acquired by New York, Rio & Buenos Air Line on September 12, 1929 which in turn was purchased by Pan American Airways on August 19, 1930. We hope one of the many collects may have additional information and if you do please contact us.



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