Northeast Airlines Ground Staff Hat Badge 2nd Issue

Boston, MA 1940-1972

Northeast Airlines began as Boston-Maine Airways, which was founded as a Pan Am contract carrier on July 20, 1931, by the Boston and Maine Railroad and Maine Central Railroad. It flew only abortively until August 11, 1933, when it began contract service for National Airways, an agreement which lasted four years. The name Northeast Airlines was adopted on November 19, 1940. During World War II, Northeast pioneered regular transatlantic service for the military under contract from the U.S. Army Air Force. In 1965 the airline was bought by Storer Broadcasting. Despite a modern fleet and successful Yellowbird marketing campaign, Northeast remained at a disadvantage against larger competitors. By the early 1970s Northeast's financial condition was such that it sought a merger or sale. On August 1, 1972 Northeast merged with Delta Airlines.



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