Pennsylvania Commuter Airlines Notes

Pennsylvania Commuter Airlines (PCA) had an unusual set up of the pilot wings. The airline started as The Harrisburg Commuter and their first set of wings was those worn by an aviation group called National Air Taxi Service/Conferance (NATC). This group had 250 members and we will concentrate only on those airlines that ended up with Allegheny Airlines which later changed its name to USAir. These airlines were Henson, Ransome, Pocono, Suburban, Pennsylvania Commuter, Aeromech, Air East, Britt(Vercoa), Crown, Fisher Brothers, Chautaugua, Air North, Air Kentucky and, briefly, Southern Jersey. From PCAs formation in 1965 until 1968, insignia worn was the NATC insignia. NATC had two issues of the hat badge and wing as shown in this book and on the website. Each issue was produced in silver tone and gold tone. That adds up to a total of 4 different possibilities that NATC pilots could have worn. PCA issued its own wing in 1968 and used this issue until 1973. That issue is called 1st Issue. In this issue, the blue wing with the star was by received by PCA in error as they had not ordered them. They were never issued to pilots and were not returned either. From 1973 until 1980, PCA used Allegheny Commuter Airlines wings as many of the airlines did but not all of the above mentioned airlines participated. In 1980 the PCA changed back to a wing similar to their 1st issue but this had a maroon center instead of the blue center of the 1st issue. That is called the 2nd issue and was worn until 1988. From 1988 to 2004, PCA changed to US Air Express insignia.


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