Pennsylvania Commuter Airlines First Officer Wing 1st Issue
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Usage 1969-1973

R. Eisinger Collection

Harrisburg International Airport, PA 1965-2004

This airline started as the Harrisburg Commuter, a subsidary of L.B. Smith Aircraft Corporation. The operation was purchased by Roy Clark and the name was changed to Pennsylvania Commuter Airlines on January 29, 1968. It was associated with Eastern Airlines in 1968 and became an Allegheny Commuter on October 1, 1973. They dropped the "Commuter" portion of the name in 1980 and was renamed Pennsylvania Airlines. Pennsylvania Airlines and Suburban Airlines were bought by USAir in 1985 and operated as wholly owned subsidiaries. In 1992 the assets of Suburban Airlines d/b/a Allegheny Commuter Airlines were added to Pennsylvania Airlines and the name of Pennsylvania, the surviving company, was changed to Allegheny Airlines. Allegheny Airlines was merged with Piedmont (Henson) Airlines in 2004.

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