Ports of Call Flight Attendant Wing 1st Issue

1966-1989 Denver, CO

Denver Ports of Call is a defunct private airline which operated flights for the Denver-based Ports of Call Travel Club from 1966 to 1989. In its heyday, Ports of Call was the largest travel club in the United States, with 29,000 members. The airline was established in 1966 as the in-house airline of the Ports of Call Travel Club. The airline initially used smaller piston and turboprop aircraft such as the DC-7 and the L-188 Electra. As Ports of Call grew, jet aircraft such as the CV-990, B-707 and the B-727 were acquired on the second-hand market. In 1986, Denver Ports of Call was rebranded as Skyworld Airlines. This name change was short-lived and the name reverted to Ports-of-Call in 1988. However, Ports of Call ceased operations the following year.

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