Prinair Airlines Captain Wing 2nd Issue

San Juan, Puerto Rico 1966-1984

Services began in 1966, under the name AerolĂ­neas de Ponce (Ponce Airlines), in San Juan. The company's name was changed to Prinair the following year (Puerto Rico International Airlines). During the 1970s, expansion saw the airline start services to Opa-Locka, Florida and many other Caribbean destinations, as well as other destinations in Puerto Rico on the domestic side. In the 1980s Prinair introduced service with larger and more capable Convair 580 turboprop aircraft. Increased competition for these routes from Aero Virgin Islands and Oceanair, in addition to a measure of distrust from the public that had not forgotten a number of fatal crashes, (Prinair suffered three fatal accidents and two non-fatal hijacking incidents during its existence) caused Prinair to cease operations in November, 1984.





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