Reno Airlines Captain Wing 1st issue

Reno, NV 1990-1999

Reno Air provided service from its hubs at Reno/Tahoe International Airport and San Jose, CA and its commuter aircraft were operated as Reno Air Express by Mid Pacific Air. Founded in June 1990, the airline's first flight was on July 1, 1992. Following the development of its Reno hub, the airline purchased the San Jose hub of American Airlines and built it up as a second hub. While the airline flew most of its routes on the U.S. West Coast from their two hubs, Reno Air also operated a separate route system based in Gulfport, MS. The Mississippi airport was linked with flights to St. Petesburg and Orlando in Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. None of those four airports were linked to the rest of the Reno Air route system. The flights were operated as scheduled flights, not charter flights. In February 1999, Reno Air was purchased by American and the sale was completed on February 22, 1999, and the last Reno flight flew on August 30 of that year. By August 31, 1999 nothing of the original Reno Air existed anymore, and American Airlines downgraded Reno to a spoke city rather than a hub.


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