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Seaboard & Western Airlines Pilot Wing 1st Issue

New York, NY 1946-1980

Seaboard & Western Airlines was organized as an all cargo airline on September 16, 1946 with one DC-4. In addition to cargo, it later flew contract military flights. It received its Letter of Registration as an Irregular Carrier on July 8, 1947. By 1951 they had a total of twelve C-54s and in 1954, they applied for permanent scheduled certification. This was granted effective August 16, 1955 and scheduled service to Europe began on April 10, 1956. Business was good and the airline purchased L-1049H Constllations and CL-44s. However, between 1959 to 1961 they had large financial problems but by 1962 they return to profitibility. The airline renamed itself to Seaboard World Airlines on April 26, 1961. Seaboard World Airlines merged with Flying Tiger Airlines in October 1 ,1980 and then with FedEx on August 7, 1989.





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