Shuttle America Captain Wing 2nd Issue

Windsor Locks, CT 1995-2016

Shuttle America was established in 1995 and began operations on November 12, 1998 as a low-fare commuter airline. Shuttle America had rapid growth in its first year, adding more aircraft and destinations. Despite the success in quickly expanding throughout the region, the airline attained financial trouble with its growth. Just 5 months before the September 11, 2001 attacks, on April 17, 2001 Shuttle America went into bankruptcy and was purchased by Wexford Holdings LLC., who at the time also owned Chautauqua Airlines. In 2002, Shuttle America moved its headquarters to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. In the spring of 2005, it was purchased by Republic Airways Holdings and then new codeshare agreements were pursued with Delta Airlines. In October 2008, a short-lived operating partnership was established with Mokulele Airlines of Hawaii. In October 2009, Republic entered into a new joint venture agreement with Mesa Air Group operating jet flights within Hawaii. On December 1, 2016, Shuttle America was absorbed into the Republic Airlines operating certificate.


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