Sierra Pacific Airlines Pilot Hat Badge

There were at least three different Sierra Pacific Airlines. One operated out of Oakland, CA from 1965 to 1966. Another operated out of Burbank, CA from 1971 to 1972 and another operated out of Tuscon, Arizona. The Tuscon operation started in 1976 and was still in operation in 1985. This Burbank airline started as Trans Sierra Airlines and was reorganized as Sierra Pacific Airlines. There is another one that operates out of Tuscon, AZ. this airline was established in February 1976 as Mountainwest Aviation. It is wholly owned by the Sierra Pacific Group. We do not know which airline this hat badge goes with.

Note from Captain Lew Parker who flew for the Burbank operation: I was employed by Sierra Pacific Airlines, headquartered in then-Burbank Airport, that started as Trans Sierra, from late 1971 until early 1974, shortly after Dave McCoy purchased it. I was a corporate pilot for the parent company, Magnavision International, and assistant to the president (Allen Silliphant), director of passenger services and relief co-pilot for Sierra Pacific. The pilot's uniform was a white short-sleeved shirt with epaulets and brown slacks. The captain and first officer wore the shoulder marks of Western Airlines pilots on their epaulets, which were brown with silver stripes. Regrettably, there were no uniform caps or wing devices for the shirts.





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