Skystar International Airlines Flight Attendant Wing (2 1/2)

Washington, NJ 1984-1987

Skystar International was originally envisioned as a travel club, with membership extended to include the Blue Army, a Catholic religious organization, to fly its members to religious shrines in Rome, Lourdes and Fatima. Its original application for travel club status was denied as entry requirements into the Blue Army were too lenient, and because the airline's managment qualifications were inadequate. Thus it began charter flights to Europe in 1984 under a wet lease arrangement with Jet 24. The airline received its own certificate in 1985 and continued to fly on behalf of the Blue Army, plus operate ad hoc charters, military flights, and sub-service for other airlines. Skystar was grounded in January 1987 for maintenance problems and filed for bankruptcy later in the year.


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