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United Parcel Service Senior Flight Attendant Wing 1st Issue

Louisville, KY 1986-Current

This wing was worn by the the flight attendants when UPS operated weekend B727 passenger service. Five UPS B727s were modified to be able to haul freight during the work week and on the weekends reconfigured to carry passengers. Unfortunately, the "passenger modules" could not be interchanged between planes and each of the five B727 were never reverse configured as freight aircraft. The increased weight of the "passenger modules" created very inefficient planes with extremely short range. The planes were required to made a fuel stop between Louisville and Miami. The service lasted only a short while and was designed to fly people from the mid west to the port city of their awaiting cruise ship.

United Parcel Service, Inc., typically referred to as UPS, is a global package delivery headquartered in Sandy Springs, GA however its flight operation are in Louisville, KY. In 1986, UPS founded International Parcel Express (IPX) as a joint venture with DHL. IPX was formed in order to try to obtain a small package authority between the US and Japan for UPS and DHL. At the time, UPS used several "contract carriers" to carry their packages domestically and to Cologne, Germany, which was their only foreign operation. The four primary contract carriers were Evergreen International, Interstate Airlines, Ryan Air and Orion. In 1987, after losing out on the small package authority to Japan, UPS bought out DHL's share of IPX and announced the cancellation of all the contract flying for the UPS system, putting all the UPS call-sign flights on IPX's certificate, starting in January, 1988, and renaming "IPX" as"UPS".




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