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WestAir Commuter Airlines Pilot Wing 3rd Issue Type II
Also Known as WestAir Airlines

Fresno, CA 1972-1998

Founded as STOL Air which was a Santa Rosa, CA based airline. It name changed in 1979 to WestAir Commuter Airlines and at the same time, acquired Golden Eagle Airlines. Became United Express in 1986 and relocated it's hubs to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The parent company, WestCom Holidings relocated to Fresno, CA and had another division which was Pasco based NPA and that airline merged with WestAir in 1990. Mesa Air acquired WestAir in 1992. Because of financial problems, United Airlines canceled its United Express contract with the carrier and in 1998 SkyWest Airlines replaced Westair as United's West Coast Regional Carrier. WestAir's last operation was May 31, 1998.



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