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Wien Air Alaska Airlines Stewardess Wing Athabascan Beadwork Ft. Yukon Type IV

Anchorage, AK 1927-1985

The airline was started in June 1927 by Noel Wien in Nome as Northern Air Transport but traces its roots back to Noel's 1924 to 1926 flights out of Fairbanks with Bennett Rodebaugh's Fairbanks Airplane Company, which was later absorbed into Wien Alaska Airways. Noel's brother, Sig Wien became CEO of Wien Airlines after his brother Noel Wien retired from management activities. The airlines name was changed to Wien Alaska Airline. They acquired Ferguson Airways in 1949 and then Byers Airways in 1956. The name of the airline was then changed to Wien Air Alaska. The merged with Northern Consoldidated in 1968. There was great expansion but expansion came at a price, as Wien was pushed to the brink of bankruptcy. Household Finance, controlling owners since 1979 then dumped its investment in the airline and sold the company to Wien’s President, Jim J. Flood in 1983. He shut down the airline on November 23, 1984. Before Wien Airlines was officially folded in 1985, they were known as the second oldest airline in the United States. The time line is somewhat confusing as the name of the airline changed quite a few times. It started with Wien Alaska Airways 1927–1930, Northern Air Transport 1930, Wien Alaska Airways 1930–194?, Wien Alaska Airlines 194?–196?, Wien Air Alaska 196?–April 1968, Wien Consolidated April 1968–1974, Wien Air Alaska 1974–1984 and finally Wien Airlines 1985.



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