Golden West Airlines First Officer Wing

Los Angeles, CA 1967-1983

The original Golden West Airlines, headquartered at Van Nuys, California, was founded in 1968 and ceased operations on March 11, 1989. Aero Commuter was founded in December 1967 and based in Long Beach. It also took over Catalina Airlines(which had been founded in 1953 as Avalon Air Transport). In 1969, it merged with Skymark Airlines and Cable Commuter Airlines. Upon the demise of Golden West Airlines in early 1969, Aero Commuter acquired several assets from Golden West, including its name. As Golden West Airlines it continued to expand aggressively through the 1970s. Because of California's growth and tourist appeal, Golden West was able to become partners with several domestic and international airlines. By the early 1980s, Golden West was the largest commuter airline in California. A huge debt service, among other factors, drove Golden West Airlines out of business in April 1983.


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