This collection of flight crew insignia including pilot wings, stewardess wings, hat badges, corporation wings, and any other insignia that could be worn on a uniform of a civilian in the aviation business and they are slated to belong to the United States Airline Museum Foundation (USAIMF) upon their acquiring of a permanent site.

Obviously, there will be some errors in description and identification and I would hope that if anyone can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

 The wings that you can view here are mostly from my collection and that is what is going to the USAIMF. There is some insignia that have been added from other collectors that have been kind enough to share them. These collectors have been given credit on the page site. Our goal is to show all the known United States aviation insignia. This would include airline, corporation, flight schools, etc. In the military area, I have shown some quasi-military wings such as Air Transport Command, US Customs Service, etc. because these are civilian pilots affiliated with the Government.

   On a personal note, having been in the aviation business for over fifty years, I have had a lot of time to collect. My prime interest is flight crew wings and junior crew wings and anything from Northwest Airlines, which was kind enough to support my hobby of flying for 31 of the 50 years.

Stan Baumwald

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