Gull Air Pilot Wing

Hyannis, MA/West Palm Beach, FL 1975-1987

Gull Air started scheduled service on May 1, 1975 in the Massachusetts area and in 1983 expanded to Florida. In Florida it flew its own routes and was also a feeder for Air Florida and some of their aircraft were painted in the Air Florida scheme. Air Florida commuter system included Air Miami, Marco Island Airways, Florida Airlines, Key Air, Southern International, Skyway, North American Airlines, National Commuter Airlines, Pompano, Finair, Slocum, Atlantic Gulf as well as Gull Air. The airline also became associated with Texas Air Corporation in March, 1986. Gull Air ceased operations on March 10, 1987, a day after it had filed an antitrust suit in Boston charging Texas Air Corp. of Houston with predatory business practices aimed at destroying its commuter operations in Massachusetts.



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